About Us

Gift Wrap Idea is a leading manufacturers, distributors of gift wrap, bags, greeting cards, ribbons and bows, accessories etc. Our focus lies with providing wide variety of texture, beautiful printed patterns categories that help you celebrate your special moment.

When your mission is to find a gift for your loved one, ours is to make sure the wrapping convey as much thoughtfulness, heartfelt and love as the gift inside. We care for the details.It's all about the little touches that make a gift wrap detailed and personal.

Our brand affiliates LaRibbons, Wrapaholic Gifts and Ruspepa, and have produced a selection of wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags,gift boxes and packaging accessories that take regular gift-giving moments to unforgettable personalized occasions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our website. For further assistance or information, please contact us by service@giftwrapidea.com.